The Ebay Project

About a year ago, I was introduced to ebay. You would run around the warehouse looking at incoming product and researching constantly. Emails, wholesale deals, shipping, it was busy, everyday. We needed a model to sort and asses product for recapturing revenue. It took a while but i finally found the additional (weekend) time to put this thing together (See Graphic).

The process of filtering product was created in 2013. We called it the ebay Process, as it is a generic template that can be used across many ebay departments small to large. There are improvements that can also be made by the inclusion of current staff in terms of responsibility and/or manpower. The ebay process is a neutral look and does not represent any one ebay account or selling strategy.

We also visited Ebay Re-marketing, things like setting up a Gallery on the social side. Or adding specific links or categories to cross merchandise and target product. We have seen first hand the positive impact of setting up an ebay store properly. Putting the ebay process to work also allowed us to start looking at Cassini (ebay’s search engine). And i can tell you, its kind of like a google jr.

So, whats next for The ebay project? Don’t go too far. Give us a bookmark or reach out and check back on occasion. Thanks for reading!


What is your Ebay Process? Do you have one? Research, pricing, shipping cost research.

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