Leverage Your Perspective – The Ebay Project

Capturing the audience’s attention inside the walls of Ebay is crucial for a seller. But it can also be overwhelming at times for the buyer, picking and choosing through many different pricing, condition, and shipping options. Having the right image to grab the attention of the buyer can really have a positive impact on your viewership and sales.

Of course we understand a good photo of a product will sell that online product. Online brands and bigger retailers will always have great stock photo’s period. You can find the other side of the product images in some online classified’s “yes that is a picture of a flat screen tv sitting in a trunk”. If online classified’s are on one side and “insert your favorite online shop here” is on the other, ebay in my opinion would be right in the middle.

If you take an average picture of your product, you will get average money. Now if your on the go, and don’t have time to do this with anything else other than your cell phone, sell it by all means! If you have time or access to a traditional camera, you will most likely have a good image, and can expect a more money for that item. Here’s a funny thought, a great image does not necessarily mean great money. But, if the same products are consistently selling in the same category or product space your product is in, then expect, with a great Ebay photo, higher earnings for that product.

The A/B testing was very simple.

We used multiple ebay products, used two different main ebay photos and listed, many times. On average the Ebay listing with a better image commanded an additional 25%. The image below at$98 + shipping grabbed an additional 65% over the same product listed for this test (Not shown). The item sold in 48hrs, and remains one of my personal favorite perspective images in the Ebay category. The photo was taken using a transparent cabinet door placed on top of a library cart.



Great photo’s means more money. Start by researching your potential buyer, look at your competition. What is your Ebay & Online competition doing? How do they take there product shots? What information can be found in there listing? Price Point, Shipping cost and total items sold (Ebay only). Taking a photo that draws buyers to your listing is something any ebay seller can do. Try different image angles and surfaces. Outside and indoors if possible. Upload the images to your new listing, see what happens. I guess worst case, you might end up making a little more money than expected. If you do decide to, or already leverage your ebay images, let us know, please leave us a comment.

If you already have awesome photo’s on Ebay we have articles on the way. Coming Soon: Use your product images to advertise beyond your listing! So don’t go too far. Give us a bookmark or reach out. Leave us a reply – Thanks for Reading!

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